Thank you for your interest in speaking at Seafood Directions 2022

Call for speakers now open

Seafood Directions 2022 is the premier seafood industry conference in Australia, hosted by Seafood Industry Australia. We are delighted you are interested in submitting a presentation for the conference and warmly encourage you to be involved.

The conference program will feature more than 45 informative sessions highlighting essential issues, seafood trends, innovation and technology all approached with a focus on togetherness and harmonisation.


Seafood Directions 2022 Call for Speakers will close at midnight on Monday 4 April 2022 (AEDT). All submitted papers are reviewed by the conference committee after the closing of the call for speakers. Final notification of your application(s) acceptance into the Seafood Directions 2022 program will not occur until the week commencing Monday 2 May 2022 (AEDT)

If you get stuck, need a hand, or have any questions, please email or call 0417275529.

Speaking streams will feature alternate formats, including featured presentations, breakout presentations, workshops, panels, think tanks, ask an expert and more.


All speaking slots will be of a 40 minute duration, including any Q&A session. A brief outline of the speaking streams is below:

Breakout speaking streams

– can consist of a single speaker, multiple speakers, or a panel of speakers. The format can be presentation style with slides to inform and educate the audience or panel discussion style with Q&A to engage the audience. Breakout speaking sessions are typically held in one of the larger meeting rooms across the Sofitel Brisbane conference floor.

Think Tank speaking streams

– are up close and personal with small groups of up to 30 people able to directly engage with the speaker and ask questions on the speaker’s topic area. A screen and audio system will be provided for you to use and engage with the audience. These are similar to breakout speaking streams in format,  but maybe held at various locations across the Sofitel Brisbane conference floor typically and are not always in a traditional meeting room format.

Ask an Expert speaking streams

– these sessions are designed for one-on-one conversations or small groups of no more than 5 people engaging with the speaker. There are no slides as delegates will be seeking your advice and guidance on the topic area you propose. These sessions are ideal to have free and open conversations or to connect with people who are looking for answers. How to topics which offer practical tools and takeaways for the audience, legal or career advice and case study topics are examples that would be ideally suited to this format.


5 carefully considered topics are outlined below and content covering these topics will be considered. It’s important to note the conference program does not lend itself to promotional presentations or sales pitches. Your presentation must be vendor neutral.

Innovation and Technology – Exploring new ideas, concepts and approaches for growing and improving the Australian seafood industry. 

Topics may include – Packaging and processing systems, machinery, fishing systems, traceability and information systems, robotics. 

The global consumer (including convenience & the supply chain) – We have the know how to produce and catch world class product, but how are consumer trends affecting our industry. Is the seafood industry keeping up with how we buy and eat seafood? 

Topics may include – Packaging, convenience, marketing, branding, supply chain, e-commerce, consumer trends, traceability. 

Resource security – How is the industry being impacted by, and responding to changing/evolving government policy setting and reforms.  How will we interact with the variety of users who seek to access the resource and the marine environment.  What strategies could we putting in place to ensure a viable and secure resource for years to come. 

Topics may include – marine parks, fish status and stocks, aquatic and terrestrial aquaculture, The Blue Economy, land, water and environmental health, biosecurity, impacts of climate change, marine spatial planning, Impacts of government policy setting and reforms.

Wellness; from water to plate – Wellness, what is it? The sustainability of our fishing communities, mental health of our workers, human nutrition, animal welfare, environmental health. Wellness covers a multitude of issues faced by the seafood community, starting on the water, and finishing on the plate. 

Topics may include – animal welfare, rural life, mental health, safety,  nutrition, workforce attraction and retention.

Energy & renewables – Energy – whether we are generating, or consuming energy, this topic will explore the seafood industry’s energy footprint. 

Topics may include – offsets and emissions, green energy, future fuels, renewable energy, transitioning to renewables, oil and gas exploration, plastics and packaging.

Presentation Helpful Hints

The conference is vendor-neutral, inclusive conference. Our committees welcome all speakers submissions with equal gratitude. Sponsor and exhibitor submissions are reviewed with the same criteria by our program committee judges who are selected based on their industry knowledge and experience.


Below are some tips that have helped previous speakers get selected to speak at our conferences:

TIP 1 Select your topic carefully

This can be the most challenging aspect of the entire process. You need to consider:

Experience: The scope of your personal expertise and those of any co-speakers. Having personal experience in the subject matter or a story to tell automatically positions you as an expert.

Timeliness of the topic: If it is a topic that is in the headlines now – or was of major importance in past conferences – you may need a fresh angle (or a different topic) to drive interest for the 2022 conference – make sure it’s relevant and will stand out from the crowd.

Technical level of the topic: The average conference attendee has many years of experience in the seafood industry. Attendees are looking for high quality information and engaging content.

Geographic significance of the topic: While Seafood Directions 2022 will attract an international audience, the attendees do primarily hail from Australia. Sessions that focus on issues/trends/industry priorities/safety/mental health awareness will be of particular interest to this region tend to fair better in evaluations. Applicability of your session. Conference attendees want to learn from your experience and apply it to their jobs. What can you impart to them that they can put into action following the conference?

TIP 2 Develop a unique approach to the topic

Recognise that your professional peers may be submitting their presentations on a similar topic. Consider how to make your presentation stand out from the crowd. We would recommend you consider completing your submission off line first, make your adjustments, and then once ready, copy and paste it into your online submission.

TIP 3 Consider every aspect of your submission

Each item on the online form is important to your potential selection and your proposed presentation. Many of these items are character-restricted and the character count includes spaces. Save time by ensuring that each item is within the correct character count before going online. The session detail portion is particularly important—please make sure to give this section the time and attention it deserves! Also make sure the depth of your presentation is in line with the experience of our attendees

TIP 4 Respect your audience

As you think about your session and the audience you will address, think carefully about your theme and matching your content to our audience.

Acknowledgement of country:
Seafood Directions and Seafood Industry Australia acknowledges the Turrbal and Yuggera People of the Brisbane area, the Traditional Owners of the Country where we live, learn and work, and pays respect to Elders past and present.